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      We are a Christian Church that believes it is humanity that places boundaries on God's love and not God. 

      Therefore the mission of Trinity MCC is to spread the message of God's inclusive love.

      Welcome to Trinity MCC's Website. 

      We are so glad that you have visited with us today. 

      We hope you will be able to find everything you need but if you have any questions please contact us on 352 317 5143 or email

      May your day be blessed by the God of your understanding.

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    • Pastoral Ponderings:

      This weekend we mourn yet another shooting at a Synagogue; this time with just one death however that is one death too many. The gun may have jammed and this could have stopped this being a mass murder. On Sunday I preached about middle ground - and that perhaps a meeting ground would be a better way to discuss how we can live in harmony.  You see a middle ground seems to infer that there is a place where we compromise and meet, and that is nearly impossible and for some very impossible.  However if we are able to hold our own faith and be authentic, and be able to listen to others and let them be authentic, that is a meeting ground, a place upon which relationships are built.


      Our world has become divisive and we hear so much about 'Us' and 'Them'.  However in my heart I believe it should be about 'we'.  We can make a difference, We can heal, We can bring peace. However we can only do that when we hear each other, when we understand another's faith is not a threat to ours, but can actually enhance it. 


      My prayer this week is that whoever we encounter, we will try to find a meeting ground where we can talk and listen in equal measure and grow in our faith.

      Many blessings

      Rev Catherine

      1 Peter 2 2-3

      Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.

      Office (352) 495-3378 or Cell (352) 317-5143









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