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Trinity Metropolitan Community Church of Gainesville  (Trinity MCC)
...For My House Shall Be Called A House of Prayer for ALL Peoples.   Isaiah 56:7
    • Our Mission

      The mission of Trinity Metropolitan Community Church is to spread the message of God's inclusive love.




      Trinity MCC Church - Gainesville, Florida

      Pastoral Ponderings

      Dear Trinity Members and Friends,

       I’m in my office at church on Easter Sunday night, thinking about our Holy Week and Easter Celebration at Trinity.  I am feeling very peaceful, happy and fulfilled while remembering all of it.  Let me share with you.

       I couldn’t be more proud of Jes Morgan.  When I interviewed her in Chicago last summer I felt certain she would do well her.  However, I had no idea that she would excel at the level she has.  Her leadership and ministry among us, particularly this week, has been outstanding.  I am very grateful that God brought all of us together and for Jes’s ministry here.  She did an outstanding job this week and I believe all of us were blessed by it.  Thank you, “soon to be” Pastor Jes.

       Al and I arrived here early this morning.  As we approached our campus, I noticed all the beautiful wild flowers enjoying the misty rain.  Pink, purple and yellow – signs of another spring resurrection for Easter Sunday morning.  I said, “I’m so glad we didn’t mow those (near Archer Road) down this year.  As we turned in there were many birds; big black birds that reminded me of the way we share this campus with so many living things.  Birds, snakes, spiders, deer, cats and the occasional rabbit or squirrel. All the trees, plants and flowers were alive with energy as they enjoyed the refreshing rain. For me, there is no better indicator of life resurrected than when all these living things radiate their beauty together – especially on Easter Sunday morning.

       Our worship was outstanding; moving music, spirited preaching, nourishing communion and the fellowship of saints gathered together for the specific purpose of remembering how much God loves us and the lengths to which God will go to express that love to us. 

       This has been a day of blessing and a day of inspiration for us as we approach visioning and missioning again.  Next Sunday after worship we will begin that process first by evaluating the success (it’s good news) of “the new plan,” on which we embarked in January.  Then we’ll look at some highlights and challenges of the past five years at Trinity. Based on what we learn, we’ll update our history documents and then begin to look toward God’s plan for us moving forward.  Watch your email this week.  I’ll be sending some articles for you to read and think about as we prepare for Sunday.

       Finally, thank you for your ongoing commitment to the ministry of Trinity with your time, your talent and your money.  It takes all of us working together to spread the message of God’s inclusive love and we simply could not do it without you.  I look forward to what God will do among us during the season of Easter.

      Very Fondly,

      Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt


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