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Trinity Metropolitan Community Church of Gainesville  (Trinity MCC)
...For My House Shall Be Called A House of Prayer for ALL Peoples.   Isaiah 56:7
    • Our Mission

      The mission of Trinity Metropolitan Community Church is to spread the message of God's inclusive love.

    • Final Notes from Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt

      Dear Trinity Members and Friends,

       It has been my deep pleasure to serve as your pastor for the past five years.  During this time I have experienced the love, grace and hospitality of so many of you; both members of Trinity and community members at large.

       I’m proud of the work we have accomplished together – and make no mistake, none of it would have happened without so many people working together for the ministry of Trinity.  As far as I know, every building maintenance issue has been handled and everything is in working order.  Your office is well-equipped and ready for the continuation of ministry.  Every bill, including our tithes, pensions and the very small mortgage is paid and up to date.  We just reached the seventh month of successfully living in the black, or taking in a little more money than we spent for those months.  This is very, very positive.

       Although we have not achieved the sort of sustained growth many of us hoped for, we have enjoyed the participation of younger people, a growing choir, a very well-qualified and competent church musician while maintaining the positive involvement of those who have been at Trinity for a very long time.  All of this contributes positively to the future successes of the ministry of Trinity.

       Trinity is now re-established as a force within the greater Gainesville community.  Local leaders, faith leaders and governmental leaders know who you are and where you are.  The church has stood in solidarity with our sisters and brothers who have faced oppression by local “religious” organizations and by world-know groups who have come here to spread their messages of hate.  We have established ourselves as a church that lives into our denomination’s identity as a social gospel church.

       Many lives have been changed.  I can’t count all the people who have visited me, called me, emailed and texted me to thank us for the life changing message of love and grace they experienced here.  We helped keep people out of so-called “reparative” therapy.  We’ve helped homeless people connect with needed resources, we’ve provided hundreds of meals, dozens of quilts, and other resources for those who have needed them most. We’ve fulfilled the gospel command to feed the hungry, heal the sick, provide shelter for the homeless, a drink of water for the thirsty and a place of welcome for all God’s people.

       On a personal level, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to finish my doctorate, to serve as a Director for MCC’s Global Justice Institute and to represent this wonderful church all over this country and in other countries.  I have always been proud of you and I always will be.

       I must single out one group for my deepest gratitude – our Worship Planning Team.  This has been a unique group where we have planned and implemented all kinds of worship, prepared for the liturgical seasons and even critiqued my sermons.  Much of what we have experienced in worship together came out of this wonderful team.  I would have been lost without them and I will always be grateful for the very good work done by this team.

       I hope you will continue to consider the Visions, Inc. Guidelines that have served us so well. 

      1. Try on.
      2. It’s okay to disagree. It’s not okay to shame, blame, or attack others.
      3. Practice self-focus.
      4. Practice “both/and” thinking.
      5. Beware of intent and impact.
      6. Take 100 percent responsibility for one’s own learning.
      7. Confidentiality


      None of us worked them perfectly, including me, and they really did help us maintain a peaceful environment and do our business that reflected the message we preached and taught at church. I have already introduced these to my new church because I believe in them so much.

       So, in closing let me simply say how much I love you, what great hopes and expectations I have for your future and what a blessing you have been to me and mine.  Many years ago a friend wrote to me, “The best gifts are tied with heartstrings…”  “It is right for me to think of you this way, because I will always have you in my heart.” (Philippians 1:7)


      May God bless you and may God bless the ministry of Trinity MCC.


      Very Fondly,

      Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt


    • Trinity MCC Gainesville


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