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      The mission of Trinity Metropolitan Community Church is to spread the message of God's inclusive love.


      November 8th 2015

      Dear Trinity MCC

      Well I am delighted to have been appointed by the Office of Church Life and Health as the Provisional Pastor for Trinity MCC Gainesville. 

      So far my time has been blessed with laughter, a beautiful spirit, good worship and enthusiasm, as well as amazing gifts, fundraising, a sense of excitement and amazing people.  A pastor could not wish for any more on the beginning of a new journey with a Church.  The purpose of a Provisional Pastor is multi-faceted, but one of areas is to help the church to honor it's history and work with them to look to the future; this can only be done together though.  So, as I said in my initial letter to the congregation I am excited by the:

      • Unending possibilities to worship and pray 'Together'
      • Unending possibilities of reaching out to those who are disenfranchised 'Together'
      • Unending possibilities to learn 'Together'
      • Unending possibilities to grow 'Together'
      • Unending possibilities to fight injustice 'Together'
      • Unending possibilities to offer a safe space that speaks of God's Inclusive Love 'Together'


      Did you know on my first full day in the office we received a call from a family of 8 who needed food and we were able to help in a small way by giving them food from the Food Pantry?

      Did you know this past Sunday we blessed over 50 quilts that had been made by the Quilting Bee - a group who gather to make quilts that are given to the homeless? 

      These are two examples of the way a difference can be made to the lives of others - not through proselytisation, but through action and love.  I cannot wait to see what will happen next - we are the Church alive! 

      Please know that if you would like to meet up for coffee or a chat, you can call me and I will set that up.  I am very keen to get to know as many people in the community as I can, from there we will know each other a little better and hopefully be able to achieve great things together. 

      With many blessings and much love


      Rev Catherine Dearlove

      +1 352 317 5143 (Cell)

      +1 352 495 3378 (Office)




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