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      The mission of Trinity Metropolitan Community Church is to spread the message of God's inclusive love.

    • August 23, 2015

      Dear People of Trinity MCC,
      I stand in awe of the work that we have been able to accomplish together over the past year, the deep spiritual Truths that we have discovered together within ourselves and the world around us, and the seasons of life and love that we have celebrated together.  The lessons that you all individually and collectively have taught me are both numerous and profound and I am certain that they will continue to be bread for my journey.  During my first teaching series with you all, “Words to Live By” whereby we gathered together to better understand the intent, impact and the power of that which is spoken to and through us amidst the realization that Spirit is continually calling us emerge from all of the places that we were into the very place, space and moment that we are this day and know that in this movement, we have everything that we need, we are worthy, we are more than enough and we are blessed and beloved.

      Christopher Logue reminds us that there is a great call and response that is alive and well in us as we are beckoned to move forward toward the edge; for it is from the edge of everything that we know that the faithful can be nudged into a destiny that is greater than one can imagine.  The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King penned these words:  “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”

      As many of you may know, last summer I began my formal journey toward licensing and ordination with the Unity Urban Ministerial School and it has been a tiring, emotional, thought provoking and exciting journey for me.  The texture and configuration of life has changed tremendously, my professional role in the world has continued to evolve and yet in the midst of what was intended to be only a 90 day trek through the wilderness; became a journey of more than 365 days for us all and I am so grateful for your love, support and blessings.  We have reached the point that we have all known was just over the horizon; as I prepare to depart so that a way may be made for the next leader of this dynamic spiritual community that rests at the center of my thoughts and prayers.  I continue to trust the presence of God as I known that we are all being called toward the edge and in the direction of our next greatest work, and that we are never, ever alone in our labor of creating change, sustaining sanctuary and making meaning.

      And so, it is with a moment of sadness and simple joy, with grief and hope, with a profound peace and an unyielding trust in the Christ within that I humbly tender my resignation as your Gap Pastor. Please know that I will always look upon my time with Trinity MCC with eyes of love and compassion and know that our journey together was blessed.  I have had the wonderful opportunity or supporting the spiritual journey of some of the most amazing people that I have ever known, each moment filled with laughter, good music, stories that stir the soul and my personal  favorite; good food in the company of good people. 

      The idea of saying goodbye, see y’all later or peace be with you is not an easy thing to do or imagine and I would take nothing for my journey now.  The last 378 days, 9,072 hours, 544,320 minutes and 13,440 miles have been in sweet communion and I am so grateful for every breath, smile and prayer that we have lived and known together as people of great faith.  Please do not grow weary in your well doing, for there are miles to travel before we rest and far too much work to be done to bring the very mission of God into fruition in this place.  Continue know that you are the light that is thrown upon the darkness in such a manner that others will discover their truth, join you on the journey of filling the gaps of the world with God’s inclusive love.  With all that I am and everything that I know; I thank you Trinity MCC! 

      And so it is…

       Grace & Peace,

      The Reverend Kathy Beasley

      Gap Pastor, Trinity MCC Gainesville, FL (USA)



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